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“We’ll Colorize ANY Photo For Only $99.95” *


*Any necessary Restorative Work is Extra (Billed @ $25.00 US/hour), upon your approval.

Welcome to American Colorizing – “The First Name in Photo Colorization” Since 2001. The original online photo colorizing service is celebrating its 16th year in business. American Colorizing is the professionals’ choice for photo colorization. Every image we create becomes an experience that draws you into the moment as if you were there in person.

Blazing a Trail In The Field Of Photo Colorization

American Colorizing blazed a trail in the field of photo colorization that others followed. We didn’t plan it that way. We just happened to be at the right place at the right time with a dream that caught fire. As it turned out, our dream of expanding how we relate to history grew into the very first digital photo colorization service. Once our website hit the Google “radar”, future color artists from around the world discovered our Photo Gallery. They were inspired by what they saw, and as a result, tried their hand at duplicating our images. Because of their interest, photo colorization has grown into an exciting vehicle for teaching history to a new generation. Bear in mind, we aren’t suggesting Colorization should be a replacement for Black & White, but a companion that enhances the learning experience.

Professionals’ Choice for Photo Colorization

Top museums have long-trusted American Colorizing with their antique photo exhibits; meanwhile, our family of satisfied customers has expanded from Honolulu to the French Riviera. Some of the names you may recognize are The History Channel, Ancestry.com, Canada’s Royal Alberta Museum, The State Office of Hawaiian Affairs, Grand Review Parade in Washington, DC, Baltimore Civil War Museum, and the African-American Civil War Museum.

“We’ll colorize ANY photo for Only $99.95” *

*Any necessary Restorative Work is Extra (Billed @ $25.00 US/hour), upon your approval.

Our flat-rate of $99.95 * per colorized image is designed to fit practically any commercial, museum, or family budget, and we have a reputation for going the extra mile for our clients. *

Our goal is to provide a lifelike record of the folks who pioneered this great continent. Our ancestors were a vibrant, colorful people whose lives formed a story that is just as vibrant – and just as colorful. There’s no time like the present to preserve the past, which will keep their legacy alive for future generations. Remember, your ancestors are counting on you!

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Why Professionals Choose American Colorizing

Our clients discover American Colorizing photos help them tap into New Markets they didn’t realize existed, which puts a smile on their faces. The realism we achieve translates into practical benefits, such as increased museum foot traffic.

Today, 50% of the U.S. population is under 45 years of age. Consequently, they’ve grown up in a high-tech age of color, which may explain why black & white fails to attract their interest. Times have changed from the 1950s and 1960s, when generations grew up with black & white photos, film and television. American Colorizing helps you bridge the generation gap.

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