American Colorizing.com has worked with a number of high-profile Clients since we first launched in 2001. Our colorized images have appeared on magazines covers, on promotional t-shirts, in popular books, and in some of the finest museums in North America. At the same time, the backbone of our success has been the recurring business of “just plain folks” like us. We’re a humble Colorizing Studio at the beach in Ventura, California. Being blessed with a professional clientele is a testament of the high quality of colorization we produce.

A key to our success is hat we’re very good listeners. There is so much more to colorizing historical photos than the artistic process itself. We ask questions – a lot of essential questions. “How will your colorized photo be displayed?”, What size will the photo be enlarged to?”, “Do you have any preferred colors?”, “What can you tell us of the historical event in the photo?”, “Do you know the exact location in the photo?”

The responses to each of these questions will provide key piece of the puzzle that direct the creation of as historically-accurate colorization as possible, and ensures it the correct pixel-density, and best print medium are being used. Does all this care and attention to details eat into our profit margin? Yes, it does . . . Definitely.

Is that any way to run a business? . . . We think it is.

To view a selection of our various colorization projects, click on the icon links below.


Ancestry.com logo

Royal Alberta Museum

Chop Suey On The Prairies at Canada's Royal Alberta Museum

Custom House, St. Paul

"Custom House" book by James A. Stolpestad

Baltimore Civil War Museum

Civil War Fashion, Baltimore

History Channel

Blood & Glory - The Civil War In Color, History Channel (DVD)

State of Hawaii

King David Kalakau, Ka Wai Ola - Colorized Photo

Grand Review Parade

Grand Review Parade, Washington DC (2015)

African-American Civil War Museum

African-American Civil War Museum, Washington DC

IMPORTANT: You alone are responsible for securing permissions from image copyright holders. Failure to do so is at your own risk. American Colorizing.com will assume no liability with regard to copyright issues on images you submit to us for photo services. Visit the U.S. Copyright Office and Library of Congress websites for information on what qualifies as “Fair Use” and “Public Domain”

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