Colorize Family Photos, Colorizing, Colorization, American Colorizing, Father Daughter, Antique Photographs, Black and White
Colorize Family Photos, Colorizing, Colorization, American Colorizing, Father Daughter, Antique Photographs, Color

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Colorizing Family Photos Since 2001

“We’ll Colorize ANY Photo –  Starting At Only $99.95” *

*Any necessary Restorative Work is Extra (Billed @ $25.00 US/hour), upon your approval. Your price depends on complexity of your photo’s details. Contact  David in our Studio for a price quote. Please attach a copy of your photo in your email.

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Now is the Perfect Time to Colorize Family Photos

We colorize family photos. It’s our main service, rather than a mere side line, as with nearly all other photo services. Not only that, but we restore the original black & white images close to their original condition. You’ve taken the first step and scanned your cherished family photos. That’s wonderful, because now, the images can’t deteriorate further. Maybe you’ve begin restoring your favorites, although there’s a good chance, you found the job to be tedious, and left the scanned images half-done.

American Colorizing To The Rescue

That’s when we come to the rescue. If your photos are worth storing, they’re worth restoring professionally. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg, because we’ll arrange a package deal for multiple photos. We work in a very timely manner, having restored photograph images for 15 years – Since July 4, 2002.

Display Your Favorite Family Photos In Full-Color

There are probably photos in your album that are especially personal to you: Parents, Grandparents, Great Grandparents. You and your family will really love having colorized portraits you can display on the wall of your living room or den. Well, neighbor, that happens to be our specialty! We colorize family photos with taste and style. We’ll email HD-quality colorized Jpeg or Windows Bitmap images that you can print on any mediums you choose. For wall display, we highly recommend printing on canvas. You’ll be surprised at how lifelike your ancestors appear when displayed in full-color by American Colorizing.

Other Image Services We Provide

You may have also inherited boxes of 35mm slides from parents or grandparents. Not only do we colorize family photos, we can bring back the damaged colors of slides! If you’ll scan them – or have a print-house scan them, we can usually take the now all-red or all-green images and bring back the color the years have stolen.

We’ve even been called upon to “age” modern photos to appear antique, so if you don’t see a photo service listed here, feel free to contact us about it. Phone David in our Redwood Studio: (805) 535-5778.

We Come Highly-Recommended

Our professional client roster includes: The History Channel (“Blood & Glory – The Civil War In Color”), (Partnership), Canada’s Royal Alberta Museum (Year-Long Exhibit), State Of Hawaii – (Tourism Magazine), Grand Review Parade – Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC (Museum Exhibit, Advertising Materials, and Promotional Souvenirs).

Why Families Choose American Colorizing

Say It With Color

“It’s a Gift” . . . Most of our private party customers want to honor family members or friends with a lovely color memory of a special moment in their lives. Print your colorized image over and over – on all sorts of media. We recommend a nice Canvas Wrap.

A photo-editing program is simply a Tool (like a paintbrush). What can be done with it depends on one’s level of artistic and technical skill.  Some folks attempt to colorize their family photos themselves. They quickly realize it isn’t as simple as they thought.  That’s when they contact American Colorizing.

We Colorize Family Photos for commercial enterprises, museums, and families like yours. We’ve been doing it since 2002. When you see your finished colorization, you’ll be glad you went with the most-experienced digital colorizer on the internet.

Colorize Family Photos, Colorizing, Colorization, American Colorizing, Wedding, Bride and Groom, Antique Photographs, 1940s, Color

It's So Easy With American Colorizing

Go Color!

Re-creating your Family Photos in Full Color is very affordable! “We colorize ANY photo for only $99.95”. *

Price includes any necessary light restorative work. We request full-payment in advance -preferably by PayPal. Turn-around time is usually 1 to 3 days.

You can always count on us to give you our finest efforts – just as we give our  professional clients. We treat you like family. It’s time to “Go Color!” Remember . . . Your ancestors are counting on you!

*Any necessary Restorative Work is Extra (Billed @ $25.00 US/hour), upon your approval.
Colorize Family Photos, Colorizing, Colorization, American Colorizing, Family, Grandparents, Antique Photographs, 1930s, Color

Color Correction of 35mm Slides & Color Photos

American Colorizing not only creates color versions of black & white photos, we can restore the original color and presence to your vintage Color Photos and 35mm Color Slides. Time can be cruel to old photos and slides. We’ve corrected the color and image presence of 1,000s of images where the colors have either faded – or even been reduced to a solid red or green. This issue seems to occur most with color photos from the 1970s, and 35mm color slides over 25 years old.

“We correct the color and presence of any slide or photo for Only $24.95” *

Contact David in the Studio (805) 535-5778 or email: .

Turnaround is often within 24 hours.

Here is a recent color and image presence correction plus restoration we performed for our client, Edward from Toronto, Ontario Canada. The photo is of “MW”, taken in Toronto in the early 1970s. We also created an extended version to fit standard frames. The image required 3 hours of photo restoration in addition to color and image presence correction. And our client’s reaction?

“It looks amazing!!! SO MUCH better than the original.” ~Edward

*Any necessary Restorative Work is Extra (Billed @ $25.00 US/hour), upon your approval. Not all slides and color photos will require removal of creases, emulsion slotches, and graininess. You’ll know in advance the full price to restore your color slides and photos. We offer discount rates on simple color corrections of 5 or more 35mm slides or photos.
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