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“We’ll Colorize ANY Photo –  Starting At Only $49.95” *

*Any necessary Restorative Work is Extra (Billed @ $25.00 US/hour), upon your approval. Your price depends on complexity of your photo’s details. Contact  David in our Studio for a price quote. Please attach a copy of your photo in your email.

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The Original Photo Colorizing Service

Thank you for visiting American Clients from Hawaii to the French Riviera choose us for the best in photo colorization. American Colorizing has the distinction of being the very first photo colorizing service in North America. Established on December 1, 2001, our Southern California studio is entering its 18th year as a leader in the field.

Professionals’ Choice

Our client roster includes The History Channel,, Canada’s Royal Alberta Museum, African-American Civil War Museum, Washington DC’s “Grand Review Parade”, Baltimore Civil War Museum, the State of Hawaii Office of Hawaiian Affairs, among others. The late screen legend, Maureen O’Hara was also a valued customer.

The Experienced Photo Colorizing Service

Our photos are featured on television, in books and magazines; printed on t-shirts and canvas. We’re the experienced photo colorizing service, meeting the needs of professionals and families alike.

“We’ll Colorize ANY Photo Starting At Only $49.95” *

Our attention to historical accuracy, and natural color rendering sets American Colorizing apart from the pack. Your photos receive “museum-quality” colorizing at a budget-friendly price.

*Any necessary Restorative Work is Extra (Billed @ $25.00 US/hour), upon your approval. Mass-produced merchandise agreements may include an added per piece royalty.

How To Contact Us

Colorizing your vintage photos couldn’t be easier. To get started, phone David at our studio: (805) 585-0420. You may also contact us via email at:

Now is the time to “Go Color”. Remember . . . Your ancestors are counting on you.

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Color by American Colorizing for Prometheus Entertainment's TV mini-series "Blood & Glory - The Civil War in Color", presented by The History Channel

Achieving The Best Results

When you scan your photos, keep in mind that images sized 2000-4000 pixels in length yield the best final results. Please don’t send images above 4,000 pixels in length – which may be difficult for our software to open.

Sometimes all you have is a small snapshot to work with. We’ll do our best to improve the pixel density to give you the best final product we can create.

Images saved as Jpeg or Windows Bitmap are the best for us to work with. Tiff is also fine, though these files tend to run very large.

The better the clarity of your original is, the more lifelike your colorized image will be. We can improve the clarity of your image, restore yellowed images to original black & white, and remove major scratches. However, a crisp original will always yield a better colorized image.

The Helpful Photo Colorizing Service

We’re here to answer your questions, assess your photos’ image quality, and help you pick the best candidates in your collection for successful colorization. If contacting us via email, we encourage you to attach scans of your photos for us to review.

Contact Us Today

Phone David at our studio: (805) 585-0420.

Email Our Studio at :

American Colorizing is open Monday thru Saturday, 7:00 am – 5:00 pm (Pacific).



American - Redwood Studio (December-2001)
Here’s David at our Redwood Studio in Ventura, California. It was December 2002 – the 1st anniversary of Amazing Colorizing . Today, in 2019, we enter our 18th year of operation.
To see colorizing projects we’ve taken on for various customers, please visit our “Clients” page.
To contact David for a free consultation on how we may serve you, Phone: (805) 585-0420. You may also email David c/o
Now is the time to “Go Color”. Remember . . . Your ancestors are counting on you!



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Sheryl is American Colorizing’s Head Honcho and sole proprietor. She handles customer accounts, invoicing and accounts receivable.
Sheryl also acts as David’s “2nd set of eyes” in the colorizing process. She holds an AS degree in fashion merchandising from Ventura College, and has a great “feel” for composition and color balance.
In addition, Sheryl is a licensed Care-Giver, who works with Special Needs elderly patients. Sheryl’s  passions are baking, gardening, and our kittens: Tater Tot and Ginger Snap.
Email Sheryl at:

Contact Us Today

Phone David at our studio: (805) 585-0420.

Email Our Studio at :

Ammazing Colorizing is open Monday thru Saturday, 7:00 am – 5:00 pm (Pacific).

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