The Saga of David, Our Photo Colorizing Artist

About, David, American Colorizing,Photo COlorizing, Photo Colorization, Colorize, Photos, Photography, americancolorizing.comOur colorizing artist, David Chrenko (Kren-Ko) is a New Jersey native, from the town of Mendham. He graduated from Duxbury (MA) High School in 1972, where he was voted “Most Creative”. He played guitar in the school band, and co-founded the high school radio station, WKEY.
At Babson College in Wellesley, MA – David co-hosted “Little Eddie’s Grease Machine” on WRWB radio with Edsel Ford II. Edsel’s on-air personae was “Little Eddie”. David was “Teen Angel”. Today, Edsel is on the Board of Directors at Ford Motors.
In 1973 David moved to Southern California. He joined CPVR-FM radio in Rancho Palos Verdes – the second commercial cable radio station in America. CPVR-FM was built and operated by teens and young adults at Golden Cove Center near Marineland. David hosted “Johnny Ace’s Grease Machine”, based on his Boston radio show.
CPVR’s Station Manager, Greg McClure, now handles American Colorizing’s SEO.
About, David, American Colorizing, americancolorizing.com, Bomp!New Wave, Punk, photography, photos, colorizing, colorization, colorizeIn the late-1970s, David worked at Bomp! Magazine and Bomp! Records label in North Hollywood, CA. He designed promo items for Talking Heads, Devo, and Eddie & The Hot Rods, particularly a 3D montage of Bomp! recording artists for the display windows of the Whisky A Go Go on the Sunset Strip.
He also moonlighted as a session singer and bass player at Warner Brothers Studio.
About, David, The Bings, Hollywood, David formed new wave band, “The Bings”, with guitarist, Don Salman, bass guitarist, Mark Randle, and drummer, Paul Chaffee. In 1981 The Bings released “Please Please Please” b/w “Oh, No!” on the Babymoon Records label. Their songs were played on Los Angeles radio stations like KLOS, KCSN, and the legendary KROQ.
The Bings were popular all over Southern California. They appeared at the San Fernando Valley Fair with Ricky Nelson and Leon Russell; entertained aboard the Queen Mary in Long Beach and in Avalon on exotic Catalina Island.
On the Hollywood club scene, The Bings played such popular night spots as Doug Weston’s Troubadour and Madam Wong’s Chinatown. They appeared on local TV and headlined a rock festival in Utah, where, the audience went so wild, police had to stop the show for a half hour to restore order.
Everywhere The Bings played, they were met by screaming teenage girls. Being a top LA band certainly had its perks.
All good things must come to an end, and The Bings were no exception, disbanding in 1983. They are still friends to this day.

During the 1990s, David found a home in Christian Radio as show presenter, disc jockey, copywriter, and producer at Salem Radio’s KDAR-FM in Oxnard, CA.
He split his time with Spanish-language “Radio Nueva Vida Network. Here he is with friend and KDAR dj, Ted Gordon.
In 2016-17 David returned to Salem as a producer for “Townhall Review”, hosted by Hugh Hewitt.
About, David, American Colorizing, americancolorizing.com, Boeing, Boeing 787, Dreamliner, photos, photography, colorizing, colorization, colorizeAs the 20th century wound down, our future photo colorizer switched gears, becoming “Corporate Guy”. He trained himself on various office programs and became a corporate contractor.
David and Sheryl were married on February 12, 2000 in Ventura, California.
In 2005-06 David was an Administrative Contractor on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner program in Everett, Washington.
About, David, American Colorizing, americancolorizing.com, studio, photo, photography, colorizing, colorization, colorizeIn September 2001, David began experimenting with the technology that makes photo colorizing possible. Here’s David at his computer in December 2001 – the dawn of American Colorizing.
After 10 months of trial and error, David had dramatically raised the bar on what photo colorizing could be – and on July 4, 2002 American Colorizing went online.
In 2010 our website was tweaked by Chris Hays, a Search Engine Optimization specialist from  Las Vegas – and we achieved a coveted Google #1 ranking slot. That gave us the street cred to convince Ancestry.com to partner with us, and by 2012, we were on a roll.
Fifteen years later our colorized photos have appeared on Ancestry.com, The History Channel, on magazine covers and in books – and in some of the premier museums of North America. Our clients come to us from Honolulu to the French Riviera to Hollywood. Actress Maureen O’Hara and The Amazing Kreskin have been clients.
. . . and we really haven’t warmed up yet.