Hi, I’m Sheryl, owner-operator of American Colorizing. I never led a popular rock band, or worked on a Boeing jet airliner. So, I’d like to tell you about my home and garden – and our extended family, most of whom also live right here in Ventura.

Autumn 2017 has been an exciting time at American Colorizing – and we like to play as hard as we work! We’ve just purchased a very nice (and very purple) 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser. It looks nearly new, and is a lot of fun to drive. PTs are very popular in Southern California, and are relatively inexpensive to find in great shape. This one has most of the bells and whistles – and as I said, it’s Purple – the Biblical color of Royalty!

Pacific View Mall is just down the street from American Colorizing, and from time to time they host Classic Car shows. Growing up in Ventura, my father and brother, Steven were often in the driveway rebuilding vintage automobiles, which they’d resell. So, I suppose Mobil Oil runs in my veins. David and I are both Classic Car enthusiasts. My dream car is the 1963 Corvette – though any Corvette will do for me! You’ll see me below, posing with a sporty 2016 model.


These beach pics were taken at one of our town beaches, at the end of Seaward Avenue just off the “Ventura Highway” (made famous by the band, America). It is officially known as the Ventura Freeway aka The 101 Freeway. And since I’m now in an “aka” mood, Ventura, California is aka San Buenaventura. This beach is only 7 minutes from American Colorizing’s studio . . . aka Redwood Studio – named after Redwood Avenue (there’s another “aka”). Our studio isn’t open to the public, but you are welcome to visit our website, anytime! Thank you for stopping by. We look forward to serving you.

~ Sheryl